The future of media planning

As the landscape alters at a rapid pace and as technology makes more and more inroads into the business of communication, how does the future of media planning look like. A keynote address by a leading media mind on what the future looks like.

Print media and the regional power struggle

In the space of print media regional players are getting stronger and stronger. But will they be able to sustain the momentum by focusing solely on print. Who will capture the summit? What will be the key competitive strength in the future and what are the capabilities required? A panel of leading experts from the media world will dissect this issue in detail.

Mobile ad spends and a common currency for measurement

Even as mobile ad spends increase, there is no common currency for measuring ad spends across online and offline media. A panel discussion on mobile advertising getting a shot in the arm with the advent of a common currency and the challenges ahead

The war on content

How TV channels and their OTT offshoots keep pace with the Netflix, Amazon invasion. It's an open secret that Netflix and Amazon have big budgets to keep their content factories from keeping on raising the bar. A panel of TV and OTT heads speak about how their businesses are countering this.

CMO round table on their concerns about the way ahead for the media

In a round table which features CMOs, concerns such as ad fraud, transparency, fake news, a uniform measurement system for the digital space and more will be discussed.

The increasing cry for media transparency

Transparency is the order of the day. It's a hygiene factor in most multinationals and Indian companies are taking steps in that direction. Are agencies equipped to deliver what it takes?